Sunday, March 1, 2015

35 Weeks

 35 Weeks 

Happy little guy

Well... we are still pregnant! I can't get over this little guy's happy face. The ultrasound tech said she hasn't ever seen an ultrasound where the baby look like he is smiling. I hope he is this happy when he comes out. 

I got taken off all my meds last weekend. I have a shot of progesterone today and my last one a week from today. Only two left! I couldn't be more excited to put those behind me. My body held out over the last few weeks and avoided major preterm labor. Now that I've gone off the meds my body has started to progress toward labor again. I'm so thankful that I made it past the scary phase and am borderline in the safe zone. I just need to hold out a couple more weeks in order to ensure no NICU time. I really want to be able to take Cullen home with me from the hospital. I was 1cm dilated and more than 50% effaced on Friday. It's so hard to determine when active labor will begin based off of this info. Some women stay like this for weeks and some can go within days. You just never know. 

We are almost ready for his arrival! Bags are packed, girls hospital goody bags are ready and his room is finally complete. I just need to install the carseat. Natalee has to move to the 3rd row of our car for this to happen and I just haven't been ready to ship her back there just yet. I feel like Natalee has had to make the most adjustments with our family growing. She gave up her room to share with Rylee so he could have his own nursery. She has to move to the back of the car, ect. She is such a trooper and we have tried to make these changes as positive and fun as possible. I'm sure I'm putting way too much worry into the entire thing. She is becoming so independent and doesn't need me as much. I'm having a hard time accepting this and I know having a baby is going to force her to help out and continue her independence even more. 

Can't wait to meet our prince... in a couple weeks!

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